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As an accredited team of industry experts, we have Mortgage Advisors stationed in Yeadon. We help clients of all ages and backgrounds, as we understand the difficulty that the complicated property market poses. Find your nearest advisor in the list below.

Pippa Heseltine 

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Telephone - 0113 887 0793

Mobile - 07875 649980

Email -

How did you get into the role? 

I studied Law at University and was particularly interested in the property law and finance side of the subject. I then moved into the finance world as an Underwriter before combining my knowledge of finance, property and customer service and became a Mortgage Advisor.

What do you love most about what you do? 

Helping my clients not only find their dream home but also assisting them in every step until they get their shiny new keys!

How do you describe your job to your family and friends? 

Usually as “mortgages”! I help people to re-mortgage their home and buy their new homes! I also make sure they and their family are safe there (mortgage protection is just as important to me as arranging the mortgage!)

What ‘powers’ you through the day? 

Coffee, To-Do lists and speaking to excited clients!

If you wasn’t a mortgage adviser, what job would you love to do? 

I would need a bit longer to think that one through, but definitely something customer-facing!

What’s an ideal weekend for you? 

Spending time with my boyfriend/family/friends, eating good food and drinking good wine! I also have a very lazy Bulldog Pup who needs lots of attention and loving, dragging her out of bed takes up a lot of my free time!

The one tune that motivates you? 

I listen to such a varied playlist of music, some of Spotify playlists are questionable…

One thing on your bucket list and why? 

Route 66! I love visiting new places and really like the idea of having a few months to explore America!

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